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Horus Inc. is a company dedicated to making your projects come true, our experience is backed by years of effort and dedication delivering the best quality and satisfaction in their work, our qualified and experienced staff will always provide security and confidence in everything you need to do. , we are the best option for you and your home office or business project. Our effort will dedicate all its passion to maintain our good relationship with our customers.​

Change the image of yor home

LEach Home has its beauty and our commitment is to achieve your ideas and projects at low cost, we deliver the best quality according to your needs

Avant-garde finishes and finishes

​Your project Our Inspiration

Each project is important to us no matter its size, recommending the best solution

Each project is finished with the best dedication by our professionals



We will take care of each remodeling that you need to do in your home, office or business, tell us about your project and we will take it on, your creativity is our challenge, with our experience you can start from scratch. General projects, kitchens, bathrooms, rooms, decks, and more


Each restoration is our challenge, which we will achieve with the best quality, in some cases we can do it with low costs, allowing you to enjoy forgotten spaces.

Water damage

​We help in those Unexpected moments where repairs cannot wait, returning each damaged space to normal. We deliver our best service to our clients advising with the best decisions and results, you will always have our support in this difficult moment.

Painting Projects​

We rejuvenate each space, each place so that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Our work indoors and outdoors will give life to those forgotten spaces that you want to show and share with your family. In this we are experts and we always rely on the best materials and finished

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